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just thought this was interesting…i’ve had a lot of “bad days” lately

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How do you get kids to eat their veggies? Get ‘em to play with their food:

Using large rectangular plates as the canvas, the project calls for using porcelain markers to draw in a simple backdrop. The idea is to let kids “fill in” the canvas with healthy foods. It’s a creative way to get kids involved in helping to prepare meals and choose healthy food items.

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i’m sorry. i saw the unedited version of this my dash and i had to correct it. as long as you’re eating clean and exercising and giving your body the nutrients it needs it is okay to treat yourself now and then. one pound is 3,500 calories. unless the cookies is 3,500 calories you will not gain one pound. i promise.

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You are such an inspiration and motivation. I love this blog.

OH MY GOODNESS SO SORRY I JUST SAW THIS NOW! thank you so much! i’m glad to know somebody actually likes my blog and it’s good to know that i’m considered an inspiration. i love you <3

for some reason i’m just really overwhelmed right now with everything fitness and health related. i stepped on the scale for the first time in 2 weeks with clean eating and lots of cardio and i gained pounds and i just don’t know how to lose weight it’s not working at all i’m at such a loss right now i don’t know what to do but it’s stressing me out because in three weeks i’m going on a beach vacation with my two best friends and 4 boys


Just a more visual and concrete plan to get that six pack! That’s one goal that I do want to get- I really want abs! :)

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